Stop logging into multiple sites today.

The use of telematics data helps organizations manage their fleets with more efficiency. The problem today for companies with multiple OEMs in their fleets is that the amount of systems to check is now an overwhelming task. Our research shows that the majority of multi-fleet customers only check one, perhaps two telematic systems on a regular basis.

To help solve that problem, we’ve developed a solution that brings in any OEM data that you have into one portal and then gives you the tremendous capability to organize and view the data that makes sense for your business.

Once in the portal, we’ve developed an asset health algorithm that prioritizes which assets in your fleet need attention. This solution is great for any customer with more than three different types of OEM assets in use and it’s also a great tool for Dealers to monitor their rental fleets as well as partner with their largest customers to help maintain and get the most out of their fleet.

  • Single Sign-On to All OEM Telematic Systems
  • Proprietary Multi-Fleet Health Scoring Algorithm
  • Customized Dashboard
  • Improve Asset Uptime
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Increase Maintenance Response Times
  • Scoring System Custom to your Territory
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • White Label Options
  • Coming Soon: Predictive Maintenance

Vantage Point Illustration in Quarry
360sq iPad Dashboard

3602 Features & Benefits

  • Dealers use 3602 to see their customers entire fleet, regardless of brand, that drives more labor and parts sales
  • Dealer customers fleet overview and analysis
  • Create Product Families to compare within and across multiple fleets
  • Normalized Health scoring algorithm that allows you to see the health of your entire mixed fleet in one easy to use dashboard
  • Model and Summarize Events
  • PSR Summary

Game Changing Capabilities

Mixed Fleet Events Report
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A Must for Dealers and Customers Running Mixed Fleets

You just don’t have enough hours in the day to log into all of your OEM telematic systems. 3602 is the answer.

Machine Scoring System Report
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Proprietary Mixed Fleet Health Scoring System

We’ve developed patent-pending software that scores the health of your whole fleet across multiple data points, prioritizing what assets to work on next.

360sq Custom Dashboard Report
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Easy Set Up and Implementation

Our industry trained dedicated implementation specialists work directly with you to ensure a smooth, customized on-boarding process.

Rental Equipment Lot


  • Aggregate
  • Mining
  • Civil Construction
  • Utility Construction
  • Recycling and Waste
  • Rental Fleets
  • Multi-Fleets, all assets (heavy equipment to pick-up trucks)


The software and dashboard are easy enough to use so that you can reap financial benefits to your bottom line. Users can better understand business data to create streamlined processes and save time and money on job sites. Users can see all of their telematic data in one portal, reducing the amount of time logging into multiple OEM sites. We offer customized dashboards so you can see the data that is important to your team. If you consume and use telematic data, 3602 will streamline your experience.

  • Dealerships
  • Technology and Telematic Managers
  • Job Site Managers
  • Equipment Managers (dealers and construction companies)
  • Rental Managers
  • Site Foreman
  • Operators
Jobsite Manager