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About VizaLogix

Maximizing The Value Of
Your Precious Assets.

Vizalogix presents business owners with a comprehensive set of digital solutions that maximize the investments of their physical and human assets.  We provide advanced data analytical solutions like VantagePoint and 3602, which aggregate OEM mixed fleet data and boost productivity through real-time production studies, mixed-fleet asset health scores and so much more.  Our TethIt product, connects humans, solving troubleshooting problems remotely.  Throughout, Vizalogix helps our customers focus on revenue producing metrics like :

  • Reducing cost per ton in quarry and mining, up to $.45 cents equating to $180,000 more rock crused for one location
  • Improving cycle times which leads to more rock or minerals produced in a shift
  • Assets across the mixed fleet can be prioritized for maintenance using our proprietary health scoring system
  • Connect fault codes to specific operators and offer them app-based training modules to be safer and more efficient in their operations
  • Dealerships save on average $500 with every truck roll saved by using TethrIt for remote trouble shooting operations.

About VizaLogix
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Vizalogix began as two companies:  TethrIt and SiteVantage.  With a background in mining, quarry, heavy equipment and on asset telematics, we merged the two companies to do one thing and do it well:  help asset managers get the most out of their physical and human assets.  When we founded Vizalogix there were a few tools on the market that provided one-off solutions. But few, if any, gave managers the ability to see all their telematic data without logging into multiple sites. On top of that, those solutions did not create digital solutions that combined all OEM telematic data and offer insights into their daily operations. The vision of aggregating data from any OEM manufacturer plus augmenting it with tools to help employees work smarter was the genesis for Vizalogix.  In addition to that, once you see things to be improved what better way to do it and more efficiently than with an enterprise video calling platform that also alerts operators to run the machines or plant more efficiently.   That’s how we connect physical and human assets.

If you want to really make a difference, you need to hire the very best people.  We’ve been able to assemble a team of experts in their domain and are building a culture that rewards them with the ability to build and innovate at a rapid pace.  Our products are only as good as the people behind them, and we are very proud of our team.  We are building a winning culture by giving our employees the creative freedom to make their part of the company the very best by always putting the customer first.   Most of our development roadmap comes from conversations with customers or partners as we like to call them.  We believe that talking with customers produces solutions that drive higher revenues and decrease costs in the business.   Our employees work in an environment where they have the responsibility to do their jobs and subscribe to the notion that trust is given.  The liberty to self-manage, creatively think, and try new things is the foundation upon which Vizalogix was created.  That culture transforms itself into products where our customers are smarter because our solutions allow them to see more of their operations in real-time.