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Merging in late 2021, our SaaS companies SiteVantage, Inc. and Tethr It are quickly revolutionizing how businesses can operate. Independently, we solve complex problems by providing digital solutions for companies that significantly improve their function.

SiteVantage, Inc.’s focus is assisting companies by collecting telematics, diagnostics, electronic inspection, fluid analysis, and aggregated data from machine sensors and assembling them to a central data system. Then, the system will analyze and configure data to create predictive analytics, helping the company better understand its business logistics.

Tethr It helps businesses enable real-time video calling platforms into their operations plans, allowing them to connect tech experts with users to troubleshoot problems. The easily integrated programs can support numerous industries that fit almost any platform or business model to eliminate the ever-present communication barriers in tech assistance.

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Shawn Bonnington

Shawn Bonnington is the founder and CEO of VizaLogix, where he oversees the day-to-day strategic management of the company. Before founding VizaLogix, he spent over 20 years working in the SaaS startup ecosystem, working with Trapeze Group, Zonar Systems and Fetch Robotics, where he helped build and scale their operations, ultimately helping them reach profitability.

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At VizaLogix, we are always interested in hearing from talented and motivated engineers and business professionals who share our vision, values and passion.

Although not currently hiring for a specific position, we’re always interested in hearing from talented individuals who may be a good fit for our team.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your career, we encourage you to submit your resume to info@vizalogix.com and start a conversation.

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