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Above Ground Mining

Customized Solutions
for Above Ground Mining

Above-ground mining operations are separated by how efficiently each of their machines are completing haul cycles, and there’s no better way to track this efficiency than using on-board diagnostics and IoT to give you clear readings. All fleets above a certain size should consider using telematics as a way to track their machines.

This is the advantage provided by our Vantage Point and 3602 software solutions. Vizalogix translates real-world site experience with modern technology to bring you the most useful tools to improve your operational efficiency.

Vantage Point & 3602 Solutions for Above Ground Mining

The data provided by VantagePoint and 3602 isn’t just numbers. It’s a clear picture of how efficiently you’re each asset in your above-ground mine, and a straightforward way to decrease wasted resources.

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Get all of your mixed fleet telematics in one solution

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Mixed-fleet cycle times, right on your desktop

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Measure tonnage on belt scales

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First load, last load, total load counts for all mixed-fleet

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Reduce your cost per ton and improve your site revenue

Key Capabilities

Vantage Point and 3602 are platforms that are tailor-made to enhance the productivity of any above-ground mining operation. These applications allow site managers to oversee all assets in less time, allowing your company to pick up more business with less work.

These are the key capabilities that each application can provide for above-ground mining operations with mixed fleets:

  • Telematics data is collected from all fleets and delivered to a single dashboard
  • Dashboards can be customized to display data in the way it’s most useful
  • Track of all maintenance, inspections, and issues without missing a date
  • The health scoring algorithm shows the state of your whole fleet at a glance
  • Displayed data is always in real-time and never outdated

Demos & Dashboards

360 Asset Dashboard Data
360 Dashboard

Case Study

See Why Luck Stone says, “Being machine-agnostic is key.  This platform has been designed to embrace the fleet we own.”

Vantage Point is a real-time, mixed-fleet production study platform that brings insights from the pit right to the desktop.  Users of Vantage Point can gain production study data every day, not once a quarter which tends to be manually produced.  Pit managers can easily spot bad habits and improve day-to-day operations which leads to a reduction of cost per ton, more aggregate crushed and ultimately more dollars to the bottom line.  We invite you to download and read through Luck Stone’s case study and use of Vantage Point.

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