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Hardware Integration

Tethr It
With Augmented Reality

Tethr It Now can be fully integrated with augmented reality (AR) platforms Realware and Vuzix, bringing your communications platform into the cutting edge of smartglasses technology. These are two of the most popular brands for practical AR in business, which is why we adapted our software for maximum compatibility. Because it’s browser-based, our technology works with all major operating systems, including Windows, Mac OSx, iOS, and Android.

Smartglasses allow for hands-free conferencing action that makes communicating with field agents even more efficient. Recipients can remain in a position to keep working once the call is done, continually saving your company time and money. At home base, your call centers and dispatchers have all their info right in front with fewer log-ins and swivel chairing between systems.

The New & Improved Approach to Conferencing with Field Agents

Integrating with smartglasses allows us to provide the best of both worlds with our Tethr It Now platform. Already a premier video conferencing application, our software combines with the latest hardware to provide a truly modern toolset.

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Enable hands-free usage in virtually any industry, including manufacturing, warehousing, and field service

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Web-based UI means there are no apps or compatibility issues on either end, and no AR required by the recipient

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Field agents can actually see relevant information without stopping their current task

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Call rolling and skill routing lets you filter calls through whichever individuals you choose

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Record field calls to review to revisit directives, improve efficiency, or for posterity

Hardware Integration Opportunities

Since no app or extra hardware are required, the AR version of Tethr It has all the features you’d find on any other device, but with the inherent advantages provided by this medium. You never have to worry about missing drivers or software updates causing certain features not to work, so long as your hardware can connect to the Internet.