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Improve OEM Telematics
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OEM telematics are no longer just a necessary tool for machine manufacturers’ operations, but an important part of the efficiency needed to stay competitive. In an industry where securing the next deal relies on an OEM’s ability to deliver, 3602  empowers your pitch with premier white-label partnerships to entice dealers and customers.

The fleet management tools gained from our 3602 platform can become a vital part of any OEM operation–with visual dashboards to track assets, and to-the-second telematics assisting parts sales and work orders for mixed fleets.

Vantage Point & 3602 Solutions for OEMs

Whether you’re avoiding wasted resources, improving efficiency, or both, 3602 and Vantage Point are the answer. Here’s how:

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OEMs can leverage our mixed-fleet solutions to help dealers and customers with aggregating all telematic data

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Our white label solutions allow OEMs to offer unique mixed fleet data solutions like real-time production studies to the quarry and mining industry

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OEMs can reduce trouble ticket times by utilizing TethrIt our remote video calling platform and also integrating into work order systems

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Offer your dealers and customers a mixed fleet machine health scoring system

Key Capabilities

Vizalogix pushes business information to the forefront of fleet management and OEM with Vantage Point and 3602. We match decades of technical expertise with a deep knowledge of the industry to craft applications that really simplify fleet management

  • Manage all fleet and machine assets from one portal
  • Single sign-on to a useful dashboard for all OEM telematic data
  • Robust mixed-fleet preventative health scoring algorithm
  • Filtered breakdown of assets by PRS, branch, or division
  • Offer white-labeled reseller option to incentivize customers

Demos & Dashboards

360 Asset Dashboard Data
360 Dashboard

Case Study

See Why Luck Stone says, “Being machine-agnostic is key.  This platform has been designed to embrace the fleet we own.”

Vantage Point is a real-time, mixed-fleet production study platform that brings insights from the pit right to the desktop.  Users of Vantage Point can gain production study data every day, not once a quarter which tends to be manually produced.  Pit managers can easily spot bad habits and improve day-to-day operations which leads to a reduction of cost per ton, more aggregate crushed and ultimately more dollars to the bottom line.  We invite you to download and read through Luck Stone’s case study and use of Vantage Point.

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