All Your Asset & Performance Data in One Place.

3602 turns your unused data into dollars by providing a 24/7/365 proprietary health report on every asset in your fleet. The results are regularly met parts and sales goals and highly satisfied customers.

The average increase in the sale of machine parts
The average increase seen in labor sales
The average decrease in lifetime asset service cost

Why 3602?

3602 is the fastest way to shift your team’s mindset from reactive to proactive when it comes to Parts, Service & Labor opportunities.


A Must for Dealerships
Managing Mixed Fleets

View your customer’s entire fleet on a single screen and use insights to proactively identify Parts, Service & Labor (PSL) opportunities, reduce non-billable hours and increase technicians’ productivity in the field.

Our Proprietary Fleet
Health Scoring System

Our proprietary health scoring system scores the health of your entire fleet across multiple data points, helping you prioritize asset repair and making you a superstar in the eyes of your customers.


your Platform

Tether It integrates with the leading customer service platforms and hardware. If you don’t see your platform listed, contact us and we can seamlessly integrate with your contact center solution.

360_3_Easy SetupandImplementation

Easy Set Up and

Our industry-trained, dedicated implementation specialists work directly with you to ensure a smooth onboarding process.

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The Story on 3602

Telematics data is key when helping equipment dealerships more efficiently manage their fleets, but checking so many manufacturer portals can be highly overwhelming. 

As a result, our research shows that most multi-fleet dealerships only check just one or two portals regularly. To solve this problem, VizaLogix created 3602 to consolidate data from any number of machines built by any manufacturer – all in one portal and on one screen. 

Ideal for customers with more than three different types of equipment manufacturer assets in use, 3602 is also an excellent solution for dealers who partner with large customers to help maintain and maximize the potential of those customers’ assets.

Explore The Best Parts

3602 Features

3602 hosts a variety of features that improve your dealership’s ability to scale service and stay ahead of supply chain delays.

Create Product Families

Use to to compare within and across multiple fleets

Track Custom Events

Model, track and summarize results of designated events 

Instant PSR Summaries

Create Project Status Report summaries instantly 

White Label Options

Brand 3602 as your own and
reap the associated benefits

Peak performance is within reach.
Trust VizaLogix to guide you there.

At VizaLogix, we believe it shouldn’t be difficult or expensive to provide your field service and customer support teams with tools that empower them to solve problems quickly and efficiently.

Whether you are in the middle of improving your data journey or just thinking  about starting, the VizaLogix can help you unlock the power of your asset and performance data.

No obligations. No strings attached. No hidden surprises.

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