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All Your Site Data,
All in One Place.

Vantage Point helps producers lower cost-per-ton averages, meet key KPIs and reduce load times – all leading to savings on fuel and labor.

Collect and inject your data. Identify vital metrics. Evaluate and modify. All on a single screen.

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The ROI possible when using Vantage Point.
Average cycle count reduction using Vantage Point.

Why Vantage Point?

Vantage Point identifies inefficiencies in mobile and fixed equipment operations by leveraging your connected vehicle technology already in place.


Vantage Point drives actionable data to Quarry Operations to lower operating costs, increase production, and deliver higher margins for its end users .


Actionable Data
in Real Time

Eliminate your current reliance upon expensive “on-the-fly” field studies. Vantage Point uses fixed and mobile equipment data to help you improve every major metric you manage.

Leverage your connected vehicle device of choice and see idle times, cycle counts, tonnage crushed and more – all in real time.

Ideal for Mixed Fleets, No Retrofits Required

Manage multiple machines from different manufacturers in the same fleet with a single data stream, dashboard, and no extra equipment. Vantage Point works with your fleet as it is – no hardware retrofits are required.


your Platform

Tether It integrates with the leading customer service platforms and hardware. If you don’t see your platform listed, contact us and we can seamlessly integrate with your contact center solution.


Configurable Dashboards and Experience

Vantage Point configures your data experience around your company goals, equipment and operational needs. Implementation specialists work with you directly to accommodate your requirements and ensure a smooth experience. 

Wheel Loader dumping Rock into Off-Road Truck

Are You Optimizing Your Profit Margin?

It’s estimated that 50-60 percent of your material cost can be attributed to your mobile equipment. Are you operating as efficiently as you could be? 

If the answer is “yes” to two or more of the following questions, Vantage Point can sharply optimize your profit margin.

  • Do you have the data necessary to understand the areas of your operation that need attention?
  • Do decisions based on manual production study data fail to deliver the results you expect?
  • Do you use a single manufacturer for all your construction and mining equipment?
  • Do you use older equipment? Maybe even mechanically driven equipment with no Electronic Control Modules (ECMs)?
  • Is your training program for new operators as effective as it could be?
Explore The Best Parts

Vantage Point Features

Vantage Point hosts a variety of features that unlock the power of your heavy equipment telematics and equipment data.

Just One Screen

Aggregates data on a single screen for real-time insights

Fast, Simple Integration 

Works with mixed fleets and ingests third-party data

Simple Daily Reporting

Daily “roll-up reporting” sent directly to your inbox

Field Studies Reinvented

No more flawed field studies, no more clipboards and stopwatches

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"Vantage Point helps me keep my finger on the pulse of my job sites. It allows you to identify inefficiencies that impact your key metrics by analyzing long-term data trends. It makes it incredibly easy for me to see how all my teams are doing without physically being on-site."

Adam Schrecongost

Technical Training Coach at Luckston

Companies Choosing Vantage Point

Peak performance is within reach.
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At VizaLogix, we believe it shouldn’t be so difficult for a fleet of multi-million-dollar equipment to report efficiencies and provide productivity data to those responsible for managing production goals.

Whether you are in the middle of your data journey or just thinking about starting, we can help ensure you are positioned for success.

Let us help you unlock the power of your asset and performance data. No obligations. No strings attached. No hidden surprises.

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