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Software Integration

Simplifying Complex Processes
for Easy Access to Data

Understanding that synergy between systems is key to growth, we craft our software to fit your setup without the need for an overhaul. Our robust APIs can adapt to larger platforms securely, and allow SDK development for creating your own white-labeled solutions.

This adaptability includes Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, and work order management solutions. Our applications–VantagePoint, 3602, and Tethr It–introduce your operation to a new level of cohesion through seamless integration.

Software Integrations

Creating a Simpler, Easier Way to Handle Your Data

VizaLogix applications are geared toward simplifying complex processes, so you can get to the data that matters without reshaping current systems.

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Our API suites are secure, versatile, and easy to integrate

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We are found in the app stores of many major software platforms

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A single sign-on accesses all your historic and real-time data

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Cut down on interfaces for smoother adoption and efficient usage

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Software Development Kits (SDKs) allow for customizable software

VizaLogix Integration Opportunities

While our VantagePoint and 3602 solutions focus on data, Tethr It Now focuses on a better way to communicate. Combining these features with an ERP or CRM platform can be just the upgrade you need for maximum efficiency among your workforce.

By integrating Tethr It with your existing platform, you can:

  • Add a useful ‘call now’ button that makes connecting to field agents even more seamless
  • Use the same sign-on as your base platform to activate Tethr It for convenience and efficiency
  • Set up Tethr It to activate upon launch of your base platform and get to work as efficiently as possible
  • Save images, videos, GPS, and call records to each customer’s historical file for future reference and/or CRM
  • Enact less ‘swivel-chairing’ for dispatchers and call centers working from integrated systems