Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions or need clarification on Tethr It Now’s video chat customer/product support solution?

Below is a list of frequently asked questions. If you don’t see the answer to your question contact us to learn more.

Tethr It Remote Technician Support

Currently, all new accounts need to be set up by filling out our online form or call 888.708.3847 and we’ll be in touch shortly. We anticipate adding a web-based enrollment in the near future.

Tethr It Now is a product that is ready for your team to start using in less than 24-hours. That includes account setup and training your team on the platform with our expert product support team to ensure you get the most out of Tethr It Now.

Tethr It Now is device agnostic, which means most modern hardware is supported on the Tethr It Now platform. As a rule of thumb, if the company that manufactures the device still has that device under support, the odds are high that it’s supported on the Tethr It Now platform.

No, Tethr It Now is 100% web-based which means it can be used on any device. All you have to do to connect with your customers is send them a link via SMS or email and you’re instantly connected. No app required for the customer and no browser plug-in required for admins!

Yes, Tethr It Now can be presented as your company’s software by adding your logo and on a white label domain.

Tethr It Now automatically optimizes video calls to accommodate the connection so you don’t drop calls or lose quality. Our platform is compatible with 3G, 4G, 5G, and wifi/broadband connections.

Tethr It Now has a multi-party calling feature that allows you to connect with up to 5 users per video call.

Absolutely. We’re integrated with a number of leading CRMs and ERPs such as Salesforce, CDK Global, and Genesys. Our software is also compatible with leading hands-free devices such as Realwear and Vuzix. We can even integrate Tethr It Now with your devices, CRMs, or ERPs based on requests.  Our “Custom” pricing option would be best for any custom integrations.

Yes, we have SOC 2, HIPAA, and GDPR compliant workflows.

No, all they need is a link triggered by SMS or email. No username or password required.

Yes, Tethr It Now is hand-free compatible with leading hardware providers.

Yes, users can connect mobile-to-mobile through a web connection.

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