Tethr It Insights NLP Tool

Have you ever wondered how to skyrocket your customer satisfaction from a Natural Language Processing (NLP) tool that captures and analyzes human conversations with your customers or employees?

Improve your technical support network and enhance your efficiency with Natural Language Processing software and integrated AI.

Instant Visual Support

Watch this short video on how Tethr It Insights’ Natural Language Processing Tool works.

Streamlining your customer support and job workflows just got a whole lot easier with Tethr It Insights.

Of course, real-time data analysis is essential for any modern business. You’ve been told that you need to track and analyze customer-supplied data in order to streamline your efficiency and troubleshoot pain points in your business process.

Today’s cutting-edge IoT, ERP and CRM software give you valuable insights into real-time performance for your products and services, but they miss one important step – the human element.

What happens when your customers call into your service center? How can you better enhance customer satisfaction with a human edge?

Although ERP and IOT software are proven to lead to quicker efficiencies with your process, augmenting that data by understanding the contextual conversations between people will elevate insights into business processes and lead to greater loyalty with your brand.

Natural Language Processing Visual in Call Center

Tethr It Insights digitizes these human conversations and utilizes a Natural Language Processing (NLP) tool to record, track, and analyze conversations.

Powerful algorithms identify patterns and insights within the conversations.

The result is a dynamic customer service dashboard your team can use to:

  • Enhance augmented reality experiences so that human interactions coincide with computer-generated information across mobile devices and smart glasses.
  • Improve your technical support network with on-demand by support using a multi-layered, crowdsourced platform.
  • Organize your asset management hub with disparate data sources in a single system for more accurate and efficient decision-making.
  • Support users with self-service functionality so that users can access an integrated library of content from videos to technical documentation on an as-needed basis.
  • Standardize job workflows by giving detailed instructions to end-users on how to efficiently approach the task-at-hand via customized workflows.
  • Use Natural Language Processing technology to enhance capabilities and efficiency via a database using stripped audio from calls, allowing for self-service and AI-driven insights.

See the Data in Natural Language Processing Software and Save Your Business Thousands

Through the augmented video and chat recording software, the Natural Language Processing AI has been able to:

  • Provide a 69% decrease in resolution time with powerful data that enables your team to quickly identify common customer service issues and re-allocate resources in a more efficient manner.
  • Engineering teams in one case found that buttons on the screens were too small which lead to lower adoption and use of the new technology at 8% versus the beta test of 22%.
  • 41% reduction in training time with its analysis-based data reporting that allows you to identify training pain points and common issues quickly.
Tethr It Insights Step-by-Step

Check out Tethr It Insights:
The Cutting Edge Natural Language Processing Service

Get even MORE with your Tethr It Now. Introducing Tethr It Insights.

Get data-driven feedback and reports with specialized artificial intelligence designed to analyze call recordings and bring your most pressing issues to light.

Imagine getting a report about your most common customer service complaints and learning that a particular button in your product doesn’t work all the time.

Take that insight directly to your R&D department to improve your product seamlessly for the next version.

The end result?

  • Greatly improved customer satisfaction scores.
  • Highly efficient and well-trained customer support teams.
  • Quickly remedy any design flaws in your process or product.
  • Streamline training programs throughout your organization.

Here’s How the Tethr It Insights Natural Language Processing Tool

Take a peek behind the curtain to see how Tethr It Insights elevates your customer experience.

Tethr It Insights’ AI engine identifies common patterns in the audio data and patterns. Data instantly comes to life through the internal dashboard.

NLP Word Cloud

Natural Language Processing Tool Word Cloud

What’s Included in Tethr It Insights?

So what does the most cutting-edge Natural Language Program software for customer service teams include? Check out the handy features that integrate seamlessly into your CRM.

Data Reporting

  • Easily customized call tagging leading to quick filtering.
  • Friendly dashboard bringing back top keywords that help identify patterns in your calls.
  • Filtered videos that managers can watch to see the exact detail of the patterns.
  • Translated transcripts of the video for further analysis.

White Label and Integration Options into your existing software ecosystem

Take a look at how Tethr It Insights can seamlessly integrate with your current ERP, CRM, or IoT software.

Improve your brand and marketing tools with white-label features.

Options include:

  • Integration into your current CRM system
  • Feature your company’s domain
  • Add custom features for your unique business process
  • Take complete control of hosting all data to suit your specific use-cases

Meet Tethr It. The Leader in Video Customer Support

We’ve been in the business of solving your digital customer support solutions for 4  years. With our cutting-edge technology, we aim to keep you connected to what matters in business; people.

Businesses rely on a human connection to thrive and our unique Natural Language Processing services enable you to analyze those personal connections to further enhance your business processes.

Our mission is to streamline your product and service support tools so that you can create a satisfied customer base. With superior AI capabilities, you’ll be able to level up your training, tweak your products, and elevate your customer satisfaction ratings.

Watch the extended video about Tethr It Insights Natural Language Processing Tool.

You’ve Got Questions About Natural Language Processings tools, We’ve Got Answers

Tethr It Now Start Call Screen

Within 24 hours after the contract is signed.

Yes. Contact us for specific integration requirements. Our team of expert programmers can easily adjust the software parameters to work within your current systems.

Absolutely. We offer a premier white labeling option to fit in with your current branding and systems.

Yes – we are SOC2, GDRP, and HIPPA compliant.

Thanks to the immense time and money-saving statistics, some businesses have seen an ROI of just one month.

Absolutely. All of our customer service software products are designed to integrate with one another for a seamless customer service suite. Tethr It Insights is also able to be customized to fit within your current CRM.

Let Natural Language Processing Services Transform Your Business

Imagine how your business could operate if…

Your customer satisfaction ratings were at an all-time high.

Your workflow process was fully optimized for maximum results.

You could instantly tweak and change your products and services based on actual customer feedback and data-driven analysis.

You saw drastic improvements in the efficiency of your training programs.

Increase Your Customer Satisfaction Today

Get your free Tethr It Insights demo now to learn about how this Natural Language Processing software can transform your business.

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