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Reduce Cost Per Ton,
Using Our Mixed-fleet Production Study Software

Vantage Point is our data analytic productivity solution for quarry mining, construction, and landfill operations markets. Our platform collects real-time data from all the sources that matter, and presents them in a relatable format using our industry-specific dashboards. It eliminates the problem of gathering complex telematics data about your assets without the means to use it for practical strategy. Your company receives a clear picture of how each decision affects the whole, so you can be sure the resources, personnel, and time you dedicate will have a definitive positive impact on the yearly totals. In fact, investing in our solutions have saved our clients an average of 45 cents per ton and a minute per cycle count. Consider how much these numbers can add up based on your company’s annual volume.

Vantage Point is designed for the following industries:

  • Above Ground Mining
  • Waste Landfill Operations
  • Recycling Operations
  • Civil Construction
  • Utility Construction

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More Product Produced
At A Lower Cost Per Ton

We know that efficiency is the most important factor that separates each company from the next in this industry. Vantage Point opens up your daily operations to the empowering capabilities of business intelligence. Using our platform, you can:

  • Reduce cost per ton by $.45, at each site
  • Lower cycle times by 58 seconds
  • Increase site revenue by $180,000
  • Have real-time production study data at your fingertips and avoid stopwatches and spreadsheets
  • Compare, filter, and analyze data across your entire fleet in one place
  • Monitor load sites, dump sites, crusher volume, and cycles with a single click
  • Import idle and cycle times as visuals on your GPS map

Vantage Point Will Help You:

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More Stone Crushed

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Higher Profit Margins

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Lower Cost Per Ton

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Reduced Cycle Times

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More Revenue

Industries We Work With

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Above Ground Mining

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Waste Landfill

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Recycling Operations

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Civil Construction

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Utility Construction

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