Turn Data into Your Biggest Competitive Advantage with VantagePoint

VantagePoint connects telematics and data streams from all of the machines in your fleet to help increase productivity while saving time and money. The software solves the problem of ever-expanding telematics data streams for heavy equipment that doesn’t communicate.

With VantagePoint, you can collect information from your entire fleet – including mixed fleets – at multiple job sites in one continuous data stream.

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Instant Visual Support

Instant Visual Support

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Optimize Your Profit Margin

It’s estimated 50% to 60% of your material cost is connected to the operation of mobile equipment. Is it operating as efficiently as it could?

  • Do you have the data to understand the parts of your operation that need attention?
  • Ever wonder why decisions from production study data that’s collected manually just doesn’t add up?
  • Are you standardized with one manufacturer for all construction/mining equipment? VantagePoint makes it easy to collect data from all equipment even if you’re not using a single manufacturer.
  • Got some older equipment, maybe even mechanically driven with no ECMs? No problem; generate comparable data from all of your equipment to make better data-driven decisions.
  • How does your training program work for new operators? VantagePoint’s proprietary equipment information can help you define operator training programs around actual areas of need rather than general task training that may be out of date or expensive to host across an entire operation.

Key Capabilities

Actionable Data

VantagePoint creates data from data to help you better understand the telematics data from heavy machinery fleets.

Ideal for Mixed Fleets

Manage multiple machines from different manufacturers in the same fleet with a single data stream and dashboard with no extra equipment.

Customizable Dashboards

From small fleets at one work site to large-scale operations with thousands of machines in multiple locations, you can manage it all in customizable dashboards from wherever you are.

Working on Site Measuring Data on Tablet

Boost Business Intelligence with VantagePoint

Ditch those homegrown excel spreadsheets and watching machine operators with stopwatches.

VantagePoint is an easy-to-manage tool that can increase production, put less wear and tear on your equipment, and help decrease the cost per ton for moving materials.