VantagePoint can help your team work more efficiently, saving time and money at worksites of any size.

The platform is more than a business intelligence repository. VantagePoint creates predictive analytics, from aggregated data to help you create a greater competitive advantage.

Mixed Fleet Excavators Digging at Quarry

Benefits You Can Expect

  • Monitor mixed fleets without additional equipment or hardware
  • Compare data across sites or the full database
  • Aggregate data from multiple streams into one place with a single support system
  • Collect data continually, whenever machines are operating, for a realistic view of work processes
  • Give foremen and on-site teams the ability to use data to streamline processes
  • Take advantage of different types of data in a single location: Telematics, fixed asset data, cell phones, IoT, and more
  • For fleets of any size, from a few machines on a single worksite to thousands of machines at multiple locations (the average Site Vantage customer has a fleet of 3-7 machines)
  • An affordable option that provides the data you need to create greater efficiencies and lower on-site costs
  • Easy training and use that anyone on the team can understand

For Original Equipment Manufacturers

Add value for end-users of your product by integrating VantagePoint with your telematics data so it works across any data stream or telematic networks you use.

With VantagePoint, your data is more valuable because it’s easier for end-users to access and understand. The software also opens up access to data and information they may not otherwise have.

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Illustration of Various Quarry Equipment