About VizaLogix

Merging in late 2021, our SaaS companies SiteVantage, Inc. and Tethr It are quickly revolutionizing how businesses can operate. Independently, we solve complex problems by providing digital solutions for companies that significantly improve their function.

SiteVantage, Inc.’s focus is assisting companies by collecting telematics, diagnostics, electronic inspection, fluid analysis, and aggregated data from machine sensors and assembling them to a central data system. Then, the system will analyze and configure data to create predictive analytics, helping the company better understand its business logistics.

Tethr It helps businesses enable real-time video calling platforms into their operations plans, allowing them to connect tech experts with users to troubleshoot problems. The easily integrated programs can support numerous industries that fit almost any platform or business model to eliminate the ever-present communication barriers in tech assistance.

Modernizing Remote Work

Together, our companies bring business owners a comprehensive set of digital solutions to help make remote work even more straightforward.

More specifically, we can help business owners:

  • Combine data from mobile and fixed assets, operational job sites, and connected and disconnected data streams into a single user interface
  • Connect customers and employees through remote visual support
  • Use natural language processing (NLP) to capture human conversation to identify patterns in a product support environment.
  • Quarries can see a $.45 cent reduction in cost per ton
  • One site can save $180,000 in costs by improving its cycle time by 58 seconds

As remote work becomes the new way of the world, companies need to communicate without fear of breakdowns or misinformation. Therefore, our mission is simple – we aim to help you automate as much of your business as possible, eliminating the stress of operating data sources and programs that don’t communicate well together.

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Shawn Bonnington Headshot

Shawn Bonnington

Known as a start-up guru for the past 20 years, Shawn has spent much of his career working with startup companies to build their SaaS-based sales. He has worked with well-known companies like the Trapeze Group, Zonar Systems, and Fetch Robotics. His experience and his brainchild SiteVantage, Inc. provide a unique insight into the digital world. Shawn is the head of revenue operations for the new company.