Fire Management

TethrIT Now is a cutting-edge platform that seamlessly blends augmented reality (AR) and video technology, fostering real-time visual communication and collaboration. This advanced solution shines in high-stakes, time-sensitive scenarios such as fire management. By facilitating real-time visual communication and collaboration, TethrIT Now empowers more strategic and efficient responses, playing a crucial role in preventing minor incidents from spiraling into major disasters.

TethrIt Now: Revolutionizing Forest Management

Vizalogix TethrIt Now is a groundbreaking platform that fuses augmented reality (AR) and video technology to facilitate real-time visual communication and collaboration. This state-of-the-art solution is especially effective in high-stakes, time-critical situations like fire management. By enabling real-time visual communication and collaboration, TethrIt Now revolutionizes forest fire management, paving the way for more strategic and efficient responses. Its potential to prevent a minor fire from escalating into a major disaster marks a significant leap forward in disaster management.

Bridging Communication Gaps

The initial responder to a fire plays a crucial role in assessing the situation and determining the requirement for supplementary resources like aircraft or hand crews. However, this decision is typically made in isolation and under stressful circumstances. In numerous instances, the agency responsible for resource allocation needs to deploy a field crew to evaluate the fire and ascertain the necessary assistance. Unfortunately, in remote areas, this process can introduce a significant time delay to the response time of aircraft or other essential resources.

TethrIt Now addresses this by providing Fire Managers with a real-time visual connection to the scene, acting as their eyes and hands. Facilitated by live video and AR overlays, it provides an interactive visual context, enhancing communication in high-stress scenarios.

With TethrIt, you can accurately assess the situation, pinpoint the exact geo-location, devise an effective strategy, and dispatch the necessary resources confidently. This results in enhanced communication and operational effectiveness, even in challenging and high-pressure situations.

Connect directly with
your Team in real-time

Connect with your team effortlessly through video chat without the need for apps. With just a two-step process, initiate a video chat session on any device by simply sending a hyperlink via SMS or email, ensuring compatibility across all devices. 

Key Features & Benefits

No App Download Required:
TethrIT is accessible via a link or email that can be opened on any device.

Enables collective decision-making and strategy formulation, Multi-Party Calling allows multiple experts, including trainees, to join the call and analyze the factors that drove resource orders.

Video Call Recording:
Allows videos to be easily shared or used for training or post-incidental analysis.

Real-Time Visual Assessment:
Gain a direct visual of the situation, enabling precise resource allocation and strategic planning.

Improved Communications:
Real-time video communication and AR tools eliminate the potential for miscommunication that can occur with verbal descriptions, especially in high-stress situations.

Increased Efficiency:
By enabling you instant access to the situation remotely, TethrIT Now can reduce response times and ensure that the right resources are sent to the right location.

Effortless Integration

TethrIt seamlessly integrates with top customer service platforms and hardware. Even if your preferred platform is not listed, our dedicated team provides seamless integration with your contact center solution.

TethrIt Now Features

Remote Video Support

Remote Visual Support

Remote support via a dedicated cloud based video system

Web-Based Platform

Web-based support on all devices. No app download needed

Multi-Party Calling

Multi-party conference calls without need for licenses

Video Library and Database

Video Database

Create a video repository for training and troubleshooting

AR support platform

AR Annotation & Pointer

Collaborate in real-time for a visually supportive experience

ERP & CRM Integration

integration with most ERPs and CRMs, including Intellidealer

Multi-Party Conferencing

Connect with multiple specialists when solving issues

Call Recording & NLP

Record and access support call data with NPL

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