Technician Now

Qualified Techs, On-Demand

Technician Now is an Uber-like mobile app that connects equipment users needing assistance with local dealerships and diesel service technicians.

The result is on-demand access to qualified technicians, faster repairs and improved first-time fix rates.

Increase in billable hourly events per technician
Labor hours saved per year with Technician Now
Potential increase in first-time fix rates

Why Technician Now?

Technician Now is the only mobile application that connects technicians, parts and inventory, and dispatch within a single solution platform.

On-Demand Scheduling Of Service Equipment

Eliminate the hassle of traditional scheduling methods. Instantly schedule maintenance and repairs, reduce downtime and maximize productivity. Say goodbye to waiting and hello to efficiency.

Integrate Your Dealer Management Software

Increasing efficiency has never been easier. By seamlessly integrating Technician Now with your dealer management software platform, you can automate invoicing, better manage parts delivery, and improve inventory control by connecting customer needs with real-time availability of parts.

your Platform

Tether It integrates with the leading customer service platforms and hardware. If you don’t see your platform listed, contact us and we can seamlessly integrate with your contact center solution.

Verify the Right Parts, Before Dispatching

Reduce costly mistakes and increase customer satisfaction by confirming the correct parts are selected before each dispatch. Enjoy peace of mind with our parts verification process.


Why Technician Now?

According to ServiceMax, 84 percent of field service organizations report their technicians run into at least one avoidable delay every day leading to productivity loss, while Aberdeen Group says mobile field service solutions can increase service profitability by nearly 20 percent.

Or, more simply, here is a list of elements and issues that disappear from the desk of field service supervisors once they start using Technician Now:

  • Customer phone calls
  • Using paper and pen
  • Taking phone calls from technicians
  • Details lost among communication protocols
  • Logistics and planning headaches

What are you waiting for?

Explore The Best Parts

Technician Now Features

Tethr It Now hosts a variety of features to improve your agency’s multi-channel product and customer support departments

Accurate Location Tracking

Geo-location data for optimized asset utilization and tracking

Instant Status Updates

Real-time notifications for improved service response

Enhanced Logistics

Route optimization for cost-effective delivery and distribution

DMS & CRM Integration

Seamless API connectivity for cross-platform data sharing

Technician Now logo

Technician Now is such a great app and service. I was able to request a knowledgeable technician who immediately arrived on-site, diagnosed my machine’s issue, and provided a detailed repair estimate, which I was able to submit for approval and pay – all on the same day, all through the app.

Technician Now User

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