SiteVantage acquires TethrIt Now and Rebrands as VizaLogix

SiteVantage and Tethr It, VizaLogix aim to bring a suite of SaaS products that will improve
the efficiency of operations and allow its customers to see more intelligently.

Westport, CT, USA, January 20, 2022 – The combined company rebrands itself as VizaLogix, illustrating the two parts of the business, one giving vision through remote support and the other allowing businesses to solve issues through data streams and analytics logistically. VizaLogix solves complex problems by providing digital solutions for companies that significantly improve their function.  In September, SiteVantage, Inc. acquired TethrIt Now to create synergies between their products.  SiteVantage, Inc., a software as a service platform (SaaS) providing real-time asset health solutions through connected data, predictive maintenance, and vehicle diagnostics; and TethrIt, an augmented reality SaaS company offering instant visual support and sentiment analysis, announced their go-to-market brand combining two industry-leading companies serving target verticals with a comprehensive set of solutions driving efficiency and cost-savings to customers.

Vizalogix (www.vizalogix.com) creates a first-of-its-kind, comprehensive set of digital solutions combining data from mobile & fixed assets, operational job sites, and both connected & disconnected data streams into a single user interface. It also enhances the offering with the instant ability to connect customers and employees via remote visual support. Using natural language processing (NLP), the combined platform also captures human conversations and processes them through proprietary software that delivers insights and identifies patterns within your product support environment. With common industries served, the merged offering will provide customers with improved response and resolution times, faster handle times, one-call fixes, decreased downtime, and productivity gains.

Shawn Bonnington and Sam Hampton will serve as co-founders of the new company. Shawn is a start-up veteran, participating in start-ups inside the connected asset, autonomous mobile robotics, & fleet optimization software verticals with over $1B in successful exits. Most recently, with Fetch Robotics & Zonar Systems, Shawn will lead revenue operations at SiteVantage.

Early in Sam’s career, he was a part of Suncom Wireless, helping them through start-up to eventual acquisition by AT&T. Sam’s digital transformation background brings SaaS expertise to the combined companies with his recent build and rapid growth of Tethr It, highlighting another successful product launch. With over twenty years of executive marketing leadership roles in heavy equipment distribution, retail, and telecommunication verticals, Sam will lead strategy & marketing for the newly merged company.

The combined company’s product line includes 3602 and Uptime+, a proactive equipment health management tool that enables predictive maintenance analytics for mixed fleets. Vantage Point is a data analytic productivity solution for the quarry, mining, and civil construction, and landfill operations markets. TethrIt Now is an augmented reality platform using instant video calling for remote support of customers and employees. TethrIt Insights captures those conversations and uses NLP to bring forward patterns and insights that prompt positive changes across organizations.

About SiteVantage, Inc.
Founded in 2019, Site Vantage is a SaaS company providing a single integrated platform solution that combines data from multiple sources that previously existed only in siloed offerings. The company’s proprietary software collects telematics, diagnostics, electronic inspection, fluid analysis, and aggregated data from machine sensors in one continuous data stream, then analyzes and configures the data to create predictive analytics that increases project productivity, operational efficiency, and equipment & asset up-time, along with generating insights for leadership around margin control & profitability.

About TethrIt Now
Founded in 2019, TethrIt Now is an augmented reality SaaS company enabling a real-time, video-calling platform that connects experts with users to troubleshoot technical problems. The platform removes geographical and time barriers from expert support in a wide variety of industries, including field service, industrial, heavy equipment, manufacturing, telemedicine, and call center applications. With its API structure, it is easily integrated into other software platforms like Salesforce and Genesys. Tethr It’s latest product, TethrIt Insights, digitizes and analyzes conversations to identify patterns on a dashboard using natural language processing (NLP) algorithms which allow customers to learn from recorded conversations continuously.

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