How Remote Inspections Are Changing The Working World

No longer is it necessary to take a call over the phone, drive out to the scene, assess the situation and hopefully be able to address the issue appropriately on that first visit.

This process may consume unnecessary hours and fuel, increasing downtime for the customer and making the responder less productive.

Field Service Benefits

Times have changed. Tethr It is revolutionizing the way a number of industries operate. When it comes to field service inspections, the most knowledgeable technicians can now perform them remotely, able to review and diagnose equipment issues from anywhere in the world. Using remote guidance, the tech gets an up-close look at the issue and is better able to suggest a quick fix or identify problem areas that should be examined in an onsite visit.

With the video-calling capabilities of Tethr It, customers can directly contact a manufacturer’s support team, increasing productivity on both ends of the equation. Customers are more satisfied with support because they get clear, accurate answers from the top experts in the field – increasing first-time fix rates. The field service techs benefit because they don’t have to waste time driving to the site, allowing them to be more efficient with their time.

Insurance Benefits

Tethr It can also be extremely valuable when it comes to insurance claims. Video calls make it easy for customers to use their smartphone to share insurance concerns with claim adjusters.

The claim adjuster can identify key items, save images to the customer’s claim information and share and even file and share documentations on the smart device. Adjusters reduce travel time as they quickly assess claims, which boosts customer satisfaction. It’s a highly accurate way of filing claims, as the real-time video cannot be “doctored.”

Pricing on Used Equipment

Tethr It can also be a useful tool when it comes to pricing used equipment, allowing for machine values to be quickly administered. This capability requires less time of the used equipment manager, reducing gas and travel costs while expanding equipment sourcing coverage.

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