How Tethr It Now is Changing The Face of OEM Customer Service

Tethr It is changing the way original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) provide support to both end-users and dealership technicians.

How? By putting technical experts directly in contact with those who need assistance with their machinery. Whether the job site is on the other side of the county or other side of the world, Tethr It virtually places experts where their knowledge is needed – at the machine.

Equipment manufacturers can use Tethr It’s video-calling platform to help troubleshoot technical problems experienced by both end-users and technicians. Tethr It opens up the possibilities of customer service capabilities through its visual and interactive features including:

  • Handsfree capabilities – Speak to an expert while using wearable devices, improving safety.
  • Skills routing – Users can navigate and select what area of expertise they’d like to be connected to.
  • Two-way annotation – Both expert and user can make notes on screen, highlighting specific areas of concern.
  • Call-rolling – No waiting for the next available expert – calls automatically roll to the next expert, ensuring they are answered promptly.
  • Push content – Experts can send websites and technical documentation to app users.
  • Multi-party calling – Tie-in multiple experts on the same video call
    eCommerce functionality – Monetize the time spent on Tethr It calls
  • Multiple ways to start a call – Launch calls directly through the app or by sending a text message from the expert console

Tethr It was developed to drive efficiencies and cost savings by relaying technical expertise to those who need it in remote work environments. All of these features work toward that goal, helping vastly improve technical support solutions for manufacturers in the following ways:

  • Minimizes unnecessary dispatches – saving time and money – by enabling experts to solve simple issues remotely.
  • The ability to pre-diagnose calls allows technicians to arrive at the job site better prepared with the proper tools and equipment, drastically increasing first-time fix rates.
  • Multiple-caller capability allows both the OEM and distributors to collaborate remotely on a single call to assist a customer.
  • Built-in e-commerce platform allows companies to monetize caller support calls.
  • Addresses shortages of customer service representatives by making them more available, leading to shorter response times to calls.
  • By enabling experts to work remotely, OEMs and dealerships can benefit from extending the careers of master technicians – ultimately improving the customer satisfaction rate.

Can your technical support area benefit from Tethr It? Getting your team set up on Tethr It is simple, quick and straightforward. To learn more, schedule a 30-minute demo by calling us at 540-682-2657 or completing a form online.