Tethr It Now – It’s Not Your Father’s Video-Sharing Platform

Most of us – from children to grandparents – have used video apps such as Facetime and Skype to add a visual element to our business and personal conversations.

Some may wonder if these type of services could be used effectively for job site applications.

Tethr It is proving without-a-doubt they do and more, combining the benefits of video sharing and augmented reality to connect experts and remote users in a variety of fields to troubleshoot technical problems. With AR, experts are essentially right next to you on the job – even if they’re physically hundreds or thousands of miles away.

We go beyond the capabilities of Facetime, Skype and other video sharing platforms in a number of ways, specifically designed for industry. Consider the following:

  • Tethr It is 100% compatible with wearable devices. If you’re unable to use your hands for communication due to safety requirements or simply the physical demands of the job, Tethr It allows you to speak to an expert while keeping your hands free to use for your work. Facetime and Skype don’t enable hands-free operation on the job site.
  • Telephone system’s rolling feature provides a “bank” of experts that will be readily available to handle your call – no waiting or “all of our experts are busy – please hold” messages. You won’t find this feature with Facetime.
  • Tethr It allows both the user and expert to make annotations on a shared screen, allowing each of them to highlight areas of concern.
  • Remote access and control system allows another person to acquire control of a user’s device from the management console system for troubleshooting and diagnosis purposes.
  • Experts can send a website to a user, navigating them to the proper section of the site for ordering parts, system details, etc.
  • Video sessions can be recorded so companies can use them for training and informational purposes in the future.
  • Tethr It has an optional shopping cart functionality so you can charge by the minute for phone calls. Completely monetizing support calls when using Tethr It.

For more information on how Tethr It can bring augmented reality and video-sharing solutions to your business, schedule a 30-minute demo by calling us at 540-682-2657 or completing a form online.