Tethr It Now LogoEnhanced Visual Support with Natural Language Processing & Sentiment Analysis

Tethr It is the fastest and easiest way to add outbound and inbound video calling as a part of your multi-channel support solution.

Its simple architecture allows your customers or employees to connect with you instantly on any device. No app, log-in, or meeting notice is required.

With our Insights module, you can record, capture and translate all of your conversations using Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology that brings forward patterns and contextual details into your business processes

Tethr It Now SMS Send & Receive

One Step Connection

Customer and product support representatives can initiate a video chat session with customers without an app from either party. When an inbound call requires visual support, it’s a simple two-step process.

  • Send a hyperlink to the caller via SMS or email.
  • Instantly provide best-in-class visual customer service.


Tethr It Insights NLP Tool

Have you ever wondered how to skyrocket your customer satisfaction from a Natural Language Processing (NLP) tool that captures and analyzes human conversations with your customers or employees?

Improve your technical support network and enhance your efficiency with Natural Language Processing software and integrated AI.


Why Tethr It

Fast & Easy to use

Tethr It only requires an internet or data connection. By sending a simple link via SMS or email, you’re connected to your customer and resolving issues instantly.

Trusted by Fortune 500 Brands

Leading brands are boosting customer experience scores, reducing call handling times, and improving resolution time.


Consumers are demanding multi-channel customer and product support. Tethr It is a reliable visual support solution that is cost-effective for your organization.


Tethr It hosts a variety of intuitive features to improve your agency’s multi-channel product and customer support departments.

Computer Screen Icon
Web-Based Platform

Tethr It is a web-based visual support solution and works on all devices, including iOS, Android, tablets, desktops, laptops, and more. No app is ever needed by the customer or support specialist.

Video Calling Icon
Video Calling

Tethr It is a remote visual support solution. All calls are on a cloud-based video calling systems. Enable customers to show you the problem rather than tell you.

AR Annotation Icon
AR Annotation & Live Pointer

The customer support or product support specialist can draw on-screen allowing for better collaboration with the end-user.

Call Rolling Icon
Inbound Call Rolling & Skills Routing

Create your own calling trees to route inbound calls to support specialists with particular skill sets. If a specialist is busy, setup call rolling for the next available support specialist.

Conference Call Icon
Multi-Party Conference Calling

Connect with multiple customer support and product support specialists when solving a customer issue.

Call Recording Icon
Call Recording & NLP Processing

Record and access historical support call data with Natural Language Processing (NLP) for staff training and best-practice sharing.

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SDK & API Integration

Tethr It had direct connections and marketplace apps for Salesforce, Genesys, and CDK Global. Contact our team for SDK or API integration with your software or application.

Cloud Connectivity Icon
ERP & CRM Integration

Tethr It integrates with most ERPs and CRMs. Contact our team to learn more about our integration capabilities.

Integrates with Top Hardware & Software

Tethr It integrates with the leading customer service platforms and hardware. If you don’t see your platform listed, contact us and we can seamlessly integrate with your contact center solution.

Tethr It Now Intergrators

Revolutionizing Customer Support


Whether you’re just getting started with video calling customer support or you’re looking to transform the way you do business – Tethr It is a cost-effective solution to take your operation to the next level.

Affordable Video Calling for all Devices
  • No Mobile App Required
  • iOS / Android Compatible
  • Web-Based Calls / No Downloads
  • Live Pointer Tool
  • Inbound Calling
  • No Mobile App Required
  • iOS / Android Compatible
  • Web-Based Video Calls / No Downloads
  • Live Pointer Tool
  • AR Annotations
  • Call Recording & Storage
  • Multi-Agent Calling
  • GPS Tracker
  • Inbound Calling with Skills Routing
  • And More
Most Popular
Build Your Own
  • White Label
  • Includes Fully-Featured Platform
  • Customized Feature Development Available
  • SDK & API Integration
  • End-to-End Support for Your Use Case

Companies Choosing Tethr It


Tethr It Now Start Call Screen

Currently, all new accounts need to be set up by filling out our online form or call 888.708.3847 and we’ll be in touch shortly. We anticipate adding a web-based enrollment in the near future.

Tethr It is a product that is ready for your team to start using in less than 24-hours. That includes account setup and training your team on the platform with our expert product support team to ensure you get the most out of Tethr It.

Most modern hardware is supported on the Tethr It platform. As a rule of thumb, if the company that manufactures the device still has that device under support, the odds are high that it’s supported on the Tethr It platform.

No, Tethr It is 100% web-based which means it can be used on any device. All you have to do to connect with your customers is send them a link via SMS or email and you’re instantly connected. No app required for the customer, either!

Yes, Tethr It Now can be presented as your company’s software by adding your logo and domain.